The Pele Awards has been around for 40 plus years.  Originally belonging to Ad Infinitum, the organization that later became AIGA – Honolulu or the American Institute of Graphic Arts. The Pele Award was an award given for excellence in graphic design.

In the late 1970s, the Honolulu Advertising Federation (today now known as the American Advertising Federation – Hawaii (AAF-Hawaii) took over the competition and it became an advertising and design competition.

Today, The Pele Awards is one of fifteen National District Competitions for American Advertising Awards (also known as the ADDYs).  It’s designed to recognize excellence in Advertising and Design in the State of Hawaii for the past calendar year.

The American Advertising Awards (also known as the ADDYs) is the advertising industry’s largest competition.  As a part of the American Advertising Awards system, the first place winners or the Pele Gold winners in all National categories are sent from the Pele Awards to the American Advertising Awards to compete in the National Finals at no charge.

The American Advertising Federation (AAF), who runs the American Advertising Awards Competition, has divided the country into 15 districts. Most districts are comprised of numerous advertising trade organizations (or ad clubs) and cover more than one state.

Hawaii is luckier than most areas in the United States. Since we live on an island, far removed from the other states, we applied for District status in early 1980 with the American Advertising Federation and Hawaii became the American Advertising Federation – District 13 or AAF District 13.


We are very fortunate that we only have one competition to clear before our work goes on straight to the National American Advertising Awards Competition Final Judging.

The Pele Awards also has a:

College Division – presented by Ad 2 Honolulu and Nella Media Group

High School Division – new for 2018

About This Year’s 2018 Pele Awards Show

On Saturday, April 21, 2018, the Monarch Room in The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Lead Creative Agency JAMES SERENO and KINETIC PRODUCTIONS, INC. in partnership with ANTHOLOGY MARKETING GROUP present:  “A Pele Love Story”.

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*Final RSVP with Payment Deadline with Guest List due Monday, April 9th, 2018 (new for 2018)