Recipients of the Outstanding Young Ad Person of the Year award have shown exceptional skill within the advertising and marketing related fields and have donated their time or services to non-profit projects to make Hawaii a better place to live.

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2016 Jay Hanamura

2015 Nez Calaro

2014 Vanessa Katz Zachariah

2013 Kristane Gaspar

2012 Yongchae Song

2011 Tai Leong

2010 Tyson Yamada

2009 Nicole Bonning

2008 Goldyn Daupin

2007 Natalie Cook & Brent Shiratori

2006 Celeste (Chikamori) Shiratori & Scott Kawamura

2005 Dana Lehman-Gyllen

2004 Jeela Ongley & Ryan Kawamoto

2003 Sean Morris